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Michael C Owens

94-644 Lumiaina St.
Apt. BB203

Waipahu, HI 96797

Phone: 316-250-6684



I seek to achieve enhanced profitability for my employer through utilizing my experience, skills and abilities in computer network and video engineering services.



I have extensive knowledge and experience with computer and video systems.  I have been serving as a network engineer/administrator for the past 4 years as well as a video teleconference systems engineer.  I provide computer network systems design, installation, configuration and maintenance services.  I am a former television station chief engineer, and a former event staging and audio/visual systems engineer.  I possess expert level skills in all Microsoft Office software applications.  I have been a presentation systems engineer and live television director and technical director for many years.  I have also worked as a former Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Server 2003 administrator and have solid IIS Server experience.


I possess a wide variety of knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies in computer and video industries.  I am eager and willing to lend my experience to your organization.  I look forward to the opportunities that may arise to provide any or all of my experience, skills and abilities for service to your staff, customers and clients.  Thank you for your consideration.


Employment History

Systems Engineer

10/2005 - 07/2009

Microsoftware Systems, LLC

Honolulu, HI

Systems Engineer at the USAG-HI – Schofield Barracks Army Community Service (ACS) Computer Lab


Serving as the network engineer and administrator for the Schofield Barracks ACS Computer Lab, I provided technical support for all information systems hardware and software, telecommunications, networking and associated peripheral equipment installed throughout the ACS computer lab and video teleconference facilities.  I performed system analysis, design, development, documentation, testing, implementation and maintenance of software application systems.  I developed plans and procedures for information systems acquisition, test and evaluation and program integration. I designed information systems.  I defined, and provided documentation for, equipment specifications, software requirements, communications interface, data storage and memory requirements.  I developed, programmed and planned for the acquisition, installation and operation of information and video teleconferencing systems.  I prepared Capabilities Request work orders (CAPR's) and provided technical solutions; cost estimates and recommend configurations for information systems.  I conducted strategic planning and provided staff training in the operation of various computer and presentation systems.  I helped resolve automation related issues within the ACS organization.  I played an important role in maximizing ACS capability to make the best use of emerging technology in the delivery of classes and services.  My duties also included video teleconferencing and projection system design, installation, maintenance and support, media graphic design, direction and production.  I instructed and trained other staff in various computer software and hardware disciplines.  Using my knowledge, skills, abilities, competencies and experience, I consulted and coordinated with ACS program managers concerning the design, procurement and development of information systems equipment, programs, and software.


Working closely with the former Deputy Chief of ACS, I helped to project use of emerging technology in the delivery of services provided by the ACS in all program areas, as well as developing plans and procedures for information systems acquisition, test and evaluation and program integration.  I provided systems diagnostics and repair, support and information to ACS Program Managers regarding their computer systems and peripherals, giving my knowledge and experience freely when needed.



10/2002 - 10/2005

Visual Systems Integration

Honolulu, HI

Owner - Visual Systems Integration, Honolulu, HI


Self employed - Video and computer systems engineering consultation business.


I provide contract based computer network engineering services including, but not limited to, system analysis, design, development, documentation, testing, implementation, maintenance and administration. I provide video production and presentation systems engineering services. I offer strategic planning and conduct staff training in all aspects of computer systems operation. I provide event coordination and project management services and support. I serve as a media producer/director, technical director, editor, graphics designer and camera operator, specializing in presentation design and creation, and associated services. I am adept at developing contracting alternatives and planning for contractor participation and monitoring contractor performance. I eagerly work with other computer specialists and contract personnel in the development and modification of information systems plans and special projects.  


Visual Systems Engineer

10/1999 - 10/2002

Showorks Audio/Visual Inc.

Wilmington, DE

A/V Staging Systems Engineer for Showorks A/V, Inc., Wilmington, DE


I served as a systems engineer for large-scale multi-source to multi-screen presentation events. I provided computer network analysis, design, development, documentation, testing, implementation, installation, maintenance, support and administration. I excelled as a project manager for various corporate and entertainment events. In addition to the project management duties, I served as the technical director, editor, projectionist and media graphic designer. I used various programs to create dynamic presentations. I conducted web casts of events and meetings for clients including: DuPont Corporation, Campbell’s Soup, Fidelity Savings and other Fortune 5oo companies. I trained and instructed other staff in computer systems and software operation. I designed and implemented new computer systems helping this company to move from a peer-to-peer network to a client-server based operation which greatly increased productivity and overall profits. 


Executive Director/Chief Engineer

02/1993 - 09/1999

Community Access TV of Salina, Inc.

Salina, KS

Executive Director / Chief Engineer  - Community Access Television of Salina, Inc., Salina, KS


I served as the Executive Director and Chief Engineer of this nonprofit Public Access media facility. As Executive Director, I managed and directed the entire operation of the corporation including all television station facilities, budgeting, forecasting and fund raising, personnel management and volunteer participation. I served as the point of contact for all government related issues and contract modifications. As the Chief Engineer, I provided systems design, installation, maintenance and support of television studio, remote production and fiber optic distance-learning network systems.


I trained and instructed staff and volunteers in television program production and computer hardware and software system operations. I designed, installed, maintained, administered and supported a hybrid Macintosh / Windows NT computer network for the administration of the television station. 



01/1988 - 01/1993

Midwest Video Productions

Wichita, KS

Owner  - Midwest Video Productions, Wichita, KS


Complete production of sales, educational and industrial video and multi-media presentations.


I provided services as a Producer/Director of video, 2D/3D graphics and multi-media presentations. For many clients, I served as a Project Manager and Event Coordinator. Clients included Sears, The Coleman Company, Raytheon, LearJet, Cessna, KSAS-Fox24, Vin DiBona Productions ("America's Funniest People", etc.), BET and ESPN and many others. For professional film production crews, I served as a Film Video Assist, Rigger, Gaffer and Lighting Grip. 


Education History


The Wichita State University

2 Years

Communications and Cinematography

I have a long history of self-education outside of the normal, structured educational institutions.  Through working on projects such as the design and construction of recording studios, television studios, post-production facilities and other similar experiences, I have gained much insight and knowledge of systems design and integration - audio/radio systems, computer systems, video display systems, television broadcast systems and the integration of all of the above.


I have extensive study in Video/RF/Wireless/Fiber-HFC and computer systems integration.  I have been working with and learning about various computer systems my entire life.  I have acquired skills with DOS systems, Windows and Macintosh systems, Unix, Linux, Sun and other computer manufacturer's systems, and most importantly, the knowledge of how to integrate all of the above types of systems for practical application in today’s complex computing environments.


My father taught me how to shoot and edit 8mm and 16mm film when I was very young.  That experience fueled my desire to pursue knowledge and understanding of visual communications of all forms.


I have been learning and mastering visual presentation graphic design through self-study throughout my career.

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