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Delaware and Maryland beaches
(Our NYC photos link is at the bottom)

A few pictures: (quite a few... it'll take time to load on your screen...)

The girls on the night they got here.

At the ocean, 8/10/2000.

Surf's up!

Hi mom!.

Here it comes...



Bathing beauties.

Diggin' it.

Shauna and some of her shells.

Hey! Look what I found!

Eeewwwwww.... and it touched my LEG!!! (jellyfish)

A surprise smash by a sneaky wave.



Boogie boarding 101, let the class observe..

First, get the board wet...

..then find a wave...

.. then get ready for it...

.. uh, it might help to be a little bit farther out from the shore.

Shauna has the look of a pro.

I think they've had ENOUGH!

Click here for pictures of our trip to New York.

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