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A few pictures:

new york city

Looking north.

Just a "little" bit of civilization?
This town is too cool.


Looking NE from the Empire State Building

standing outside in the clouds,
on a ledge on the 86th floor,
windy, rainy and cold.
Beautiful, eh?


Looking north up 8th Ave.

Just a "little" bit of traffic.
The New Yorker Hotel is up on the left.


Times Square

Having a "Jackie Gleason"
at Leo Lindy's


Down at Battery Park

My sons and I at the ferry
to the Statue of Liberty


This was a great trip, but the weather kept us from going to the top of the World Trade Center, crowds kept us from climbing up into the crown of the Statue of Liberty, and we didn't have enough time to go wandering through some of the really cool spots in NY.
Oh well, there's always next time.

More pictures here: Boys in NY

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