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Visual Systems Engineering
Michael Owens

Experience details:

HTML resume

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Television/Video Engineering

Computer/Network Engineering

Videography/Creative Services


(Yes, that's me with Wolf, man.)

links map Shop-O-Rama Megaplex S&S in N.Y. S&S at the shore Beaver Lake, AR Cancun, MX A&T in N.Y.
Click on any of the miniature pictures above for the following links:

Pictures of my sons' visit in February, and our trip to NYC: nyc photos - 2/25/2000

and of a recent working trip to Cancun, Mexico: Cancun photos - 3/11/2000

and of my 4th of July trip to Beaver Lake: Beaver Lake photos - 7/4/2000

Here's new ones from my daughters' visit: Photos from the beach - 8/10/2000
and more from my daughters' visit: Photos from New York City - 8/12/2000

Visit the FlyingO Shop-O-Rama Megaplex

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Michael Owens