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The girls in New York City
(Our beach pictures link is at the bottom)

More pictures: (quite a few... it'll take even more time to load on your screen...)

The girls in Times Square, 8/12/2000.

(another one in TS...)

Wow! That thing is TALL!

(They were looking up at the Empire State Building...)

In a NYC cab, heading down to the Statue of Liberty.

In Battery Park.

Another in Battery Park

Looking back toward Battery Park from the ferry.

Further away from shore... (..the ferry was crowded!)

On the ferry to the Statue...

The view as we got closer...

On Liberty Island.

You thought the Empire State was tall...! (Getting ready to go up in the World Trade Center)

It's only the second tallest building in the world...

At the top (107th floor, 1477 ft. high)!

"What can we see from here...?

..just about everything! (looking north at the city)

Looking east towards Brooklyn...

Taking the subway up to Central Park.

Next time we'll take a $34 ride through the park in one of these. (It was raining by then, and getting late... besides, we HAD to go to FAO Schwarz Toy store!)

Nightime in Times Square - gotta go home now...

At home with the kitty and puppy they got at FAO Schwarz.

My daughters and I.

In Philadelphia, waiting for the plane home.

Bye for now, see 'ya when we get home to Kansas!

Click here for pictures of our trip to the beach.

Now that they've gone home, I'm lonely... e-mail me: FlyingO

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