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..and a few more from Cacun.

The interior of my hotel room.

EVERYTHING was marble - the floors, the walls, the entire bathroom.
There was no tub - the bathroom floor just dipped down an inch or so
where the shower was... too cool.

It was quietly serene...

and rhythms so soothing...


So bright, you've got to wear shades...

And the waves remove stress so easily.


The sunrise each morning was marvelous!

I had a wonderful meal at La Distelleria
... and a few tequilla shots, ok quite a few.


La Distelleria had two menus - one with meals and the other with about 50 different kinds of tequilla! Although I was tempted, I did not ask the waiter for "one of each!"... Don Julio, Jose Cuervo (6 or 7 kinds of Cuervo), Hornitos, you name it - they had it, and many you've never seen before.

I enjoyed my brief trip to Cancun... can you tell?.e-mail me and I'll tell you all about it.

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